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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer in Florida

It's the end of July and we're in the heart of the summer heat down here in Southwest Florida. Today it's actually a rather lovely rainy day and I'm enjoying an afternoon on the couch watching Live Free or Die Hard.

I'm originally from New England, and summer in Florida is kind of like winter up there - it's not so bad at first, but then it lasts just a little too long....We're not at that point yet, but ask me again in September....

But also like New England winters, Florida summers are a great time for writing because you're stuck inside more often. I'm currently working on my next book - finally gaining some momentum with it after a lot of delays. Such as moving into our new home; such as a trip back to New Mexico to finally arrange for the move of stuff we've had in storage there for three years; such as getting all that stuff put away in the new house (and giving away more than half of it!).

Celebrating an empty storage unit

I need some stability in order to get into the rhythm of writing - that's just the way I am. But I feel it happening now. They say that writers need to write every day, and I think that when you are new to it, that's true because it establishes the discipline that most of us don't have at first. But I also think that writing is like everything else in life - sometimes you have to give it a rest and go do other things for a while. Even though when I'm not writing I always feel like I should be, every time I've allowed myself a break from it, I've come back to it stronger than ever. That's how it feels now. Sometimes you have to give yourself time to miss something and then you can coming roaring back to it....

I'm using this blog more as a website where folks can come and check out my books and find updates about my writing, so I won't be be posting regularly here. But I am returning to regular blogging over at my original blog - I started that one years ago just for myself, writing about yoga (I'm also a yoga teacher) and life. When my books came out, I had to use the blog for book promotion, but I'd like to go back to my original intent now.

So pop over there for a visit anytime and stop by here for updates on news about The Christmas Village, Return to Canterbury and my next book, whose title I'm keeping under wraps for now.

Have a great summer!

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Cynthia Schuerr said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog, Melissa and will stop by more often at both of your blogs.