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Monday, April 13, 2015

H, I, J Quickie Catch-up

It threw me too offtrack losing our wifi all this week, so I'm doing an extremely quick H, I, J post and then we'll get back on track with K!

H is for Hipkiss

Miss Hipkiss was the name of a teacher at the Liverpool Blue Coat School for orphans and fatherless children when my mother was there in the late 1930's. I think Miss Hipkiss was also what they called a Matron - someone who lived at the school (it was a boarding school) and oversaw the girls. The school was very rigid and strict and Miss Hipkiss ruled with an iron fist.

I is for Incarceration

Which is what the students of the Blue Coat School call their time there.

J is for Just

As in I JUST GOT NUTHIN' FOR J, so let's move on to K!

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